Hello world, again!

Yep, I’ve moved blogs. Just trying out every major service out there 🙂

Today I found out that my third Slashdot story had been accepted and should go on display later today. It has something to do with an event that will happen on the 8th of August…

2 Responses to Hello world, again!

  1. Chris Samuel says:

    Got to say I’ve been wondering whether or not the eCensus would work under sensible browsers and I was heartened to read in the notes that they support Firefox 1.x. They also seem to have an accessibility version (which is great) and I can at least get the login screen using Konqueror.

    I don’t want to login though as I’m intending to do the paper version..

  2. Chris Samuel says:

    PS: Welcome to WordPress.. 🙂

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