The election debate

I just watched the debate between Morris Iemma and Peter Debnam held by the ABC’s Stateline. I have some thoughts.

  • Morris Iemma’s desal plant – no way. I would pick recycled water over desal any time. The $2bn plant will just waste electricity and produce not nearly enough water to justify it.
  • Infrastructure – Morris Iemma did introduce NSW’s largest ever infrastructure package, however I think it’s being spent wrongly. The transport system is still a mess. Public schools are still a mess. And Iemma has promised to fix these things after the election instead of fixing them earlier.
  • Peter Debnam getting rid of 20000 workers – If these civil servants are who Peter Debnam says they are, i.e. Sydney-based bureaucrats, then I say go for it. If they are who Iemma says they are, front line workers, then no.
  • Debnam’s spending spree – This is the big one. You can have all the right policies and ambitions but ultimately someone has to pay for it. Peter Debnam doesn’t seem to have a real plan – where will all these billions of dollars come from? Getting rid of 20000 workers won’t save *that* much.

In the end I think that while Debnam has some good ideas Iemma ultimately won the debate, and I’m guessing he’ll probably win on March 24 as well.


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