Tux 500

I’m watching the current discussion on linux-aus about the Tux 500 project.

Firstly, it would look cool. But looking cool doesn’t mean that it’s effective, or worth the money.

But THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS… it’s a bit much. Raising $345000 in a month? Unlikely.

Also, it doesn’t really have any benefit to Australia. Something like what was suggested about supporting a local charity with money plus tech would get us coverage here.


2 Responses to Tux 500

  1. helios says:

    Hmmm, call me biased, and many have with good reason. I am a project leader for this effort. Let me pose you a question.

    If by chance this effort produced a new linux user and that new linux user went on to write the greatest open source wifi driver ever, would you and every Aussie Linux User vow not to use the driver because of the circumstances by which it was developed and by whom?

    I didn’t think so. We need to think through these blanket statements before we make them.


  2. ajdlinux says:

    Your example is flawed. A user who would eventually write a driver would generally be interested in computers, and people who are interested in computers generally already know that Linux exists.

    You seem to underestimate the power of word of mouth. I’ve had people switch to Linux (or at least intend to as soon as I can get around to help them) merely because they’ve seen my desktop and I’ve told them about it.

    Also, I would be more inclined to support Tux500 if it actually used Linux. Does the driver use Linux? Do the computers used by the team for admin and technical systems run Linux?

    You’re trying to raise $340000 in 17 days, and that will be money spent on sponsoring the emission of greenhouse gases for the sake of entertainment. That money could pay for 5 full time employees for a year, coding software or lobbying governments. That money could pay for a much better advertising campaign that doesn’t just target those who watch motor sports. It could be used to supply a charity with computer services (using Linux) and get community Linux groups into the local media while helping those in need at the same time. There are much better ways to spend $350000 than sponsoring a racing car.

    Also, what will happen to the $10k already raised if you don’t get $350k?

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