I got a CPC464 the other day. Very nice, except the monitor’s a bit fuzzy and half the tapes don’t work. Otherwise, very cool. Except for the fact that you can’t just buy CPC464 tapes nowadays.


I’ve worked out I have > 24 hours of exams in the next four weeks. Starting in two days. Right now I’m blogging rather than studying.

Getting a new PC

Russell: ECC RAM would be nice, I’ll see if that’s an option. If it’s too expensive though I’d probably just take out an RTB warranty, as I can live without my machine for a few days.

wjl: sounds interesting. I’ll consider getting a barebone and buying the rest of the parts myself. Depends on price of course.

Leon: where would you get a $400 system like that from? Of course once I add in a bigger HDD and a non-integrated, non-nVidia graphics card, extra RAM, a new monitor, it would be closer to $1000.

For anyone wondering why I don’t want an nVidia graphics card, it’s because they’re the ones which are behind on the open-source drivers front. AMD’s announcement of specs to developers and their plan to help in the development of an accelerated open-source driver are the main reasons I want to support them.


2 Responses to CPC464s

  1. RTB warranty doesn’t cover your data…

    Dell PowerEdge tower servers aren’t THAT expensive.

  2. ajdlinux says:

    I keep data of real importance either on a webhosting service, or on some other external media.

    Dell PowerEdge servers are nice, except they’re not brilliant for gaming. In case you haven’t gathered from the specs I said I’m looking for, this is a desktop, not a server. Although if I get enough money I may consider getting a lowend server to run backups, filesharing etc. on.

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