SC English-literacy – OVER!

Yay! No more English! (Until Year 11, that is.)

I think I’m probably the only Year 10 student in the state who:

  • mentioned Linux
  • implicitly criticised Microsoft
  • mentioned the School Certificate itself
  • managed to answer a question with a story involving how had writers block and couldn’t answer the question

in one test.

Everyone I have talked to has said it was very easy, and being the SC you’d expect that.


4 Responses to SC English-literacy – OVER!

  1. Mary says:

    #3 and #4 (mentioning the exam itself and writing a story about writers block) are fairly common in creative writing sections of exams. #1 and #2 are likely more unusual.

  2. ajdlinux says:

    Yeah, I imagined someone else creative would go for those options in the creative writing section. However, I also mentioned Linux in there 🙂 (not in the same question though.)

    Knowing my school though I have a fair chance of being the only person in my class to use any of them.

  3. sikhman says:

    With the mentioning the school certificate and the writers block….that’s what pretty much everyone at our school did….not really that exclusive…

  4. ajdlinux says:

    Yes, but your IP points to King’s School, sikhman.

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