HSC Results

Units Course Exam Mark Assessment Mark HSC Mark Band
2 Chemistry 79 79 79 4
2 Software Design and Development 89 85 87 5

Better than I expected really. Anyone else doing the HSC, or parts thereof, like me?

14 Responses to HSC Results

  1. Yes, I’m doing the HSC, and I OWNED J00 N00B AT SDD, AHAHAHAHH!!

  2. ajdlinux says:

    Well you’re 18. And I believe you didn’t get Band 6 in SC English.

    (And of course, if Life Skills were a mandatory HSC subject you’d fail miserably 😛 )

  3. If you wanted to use age as an excuse, you shouldn’t have came become an accelerated student, so BAD LUCK MATE!!!

    English is useless, so I couldn’t care less. So is RL 😛

  4. ajdlinux says:

    Well, I’m accelerated and I still do better than like 90% of SDD students 😛 😛 😛

    English is very useful, especially for someone who cares about politics. And so is RL, because without RL, there is no VL. (Figure it out yourself.)

  5. Eventually, there will be no RL – just VL – like in the matrix 😀

    Oh and senior English is useless for politics as well. And I still kick your arse in SDD, so accelerated clearly isn’t good enough to beat me 😛

  6. ajdlinux says:

    Except the VL will require an RL to maintain it if it breaks down 😛

    Oh, and English is very useful for Political Science, which requires extensive writing.

    Oh, and you only beat me in SDD by what, 7 marks. Wow. Wonderful. What absolute pwnage.

    When you work for me, and yes, you will work for me, not the other way around (because I’ll run a company by then, and you’ll never run a company because you’ll never be able to figure out how to file forms with ASIC), you’ll regret lacking RL skills 😛 And when communism never eventuates in Australia, it’s your fault, not mine 😛

  7. RL is n00b easy anyway. I mean…just look how much I pwned u in the HSC? I think that proves just how much better I am at RL than you.

    As for writing, you are meant to learn to write in primary school 😛

    7 Marks SCALED, so it’s probably like 70 raw marks – and I still beat you, and if I didn’t get 2-3 MC wrong, it would have been even more j00 n00b!!!!

    No wae, I’ll never work for you, because I am a superior programmer than you, so I will be the project leader, and you will be my slave…I mean… programmer, whom I am in charge of 😛

    Oh and Communism will take over Australia before I die, you can count on that 😀

  8. ajdlinux says:

    1. RL isn’t n00b easy 😛 And HSC != RL.
    2. Oh really? Find a year 6 kid and ask them to write a dissertation.
    3. Um, right. No. More like 10 raw marks at the most. And just for the record I got 89 in the exam.
    4. You’ll work for me, alright. Since you’re the superior programmer, you’ll be the one doing the work 😛 While I sit there finding things for you to code for me…
    5. Communism has several fundamental flaws, and history proves that. Australia will hopefully not remain capitalist, but there are many better solutions than communism.

  9. 1. HSC === RL
    2. What the hell is a dissertation?
    3. That’s 10 entire marks where I kicked j00n00bazz
    4. You wish. I’d code a picture of my ASS in ascii, so you’ll get fired and I’ll get your job 😀
    5. Communism > All
    Cybernations proves this easily, as all alliances have communist economies.

  10. ajdlinux says:

    1. HSC != RL, AND it’s mathematically provable.*
    2. You prove all my points.
    3. Did I mention I really don’t care?
    4. Not when I’m the CEO and majority shareholder 😛
    5. Communism only really shows its biggest flaw on a mass scale where there are disagreements. Also, as you’ve said before, CN politics != RL politics 😉 (be careful what you say, it may come back to haunt you…)

    (NB: this blog is syndicated on Planet LA, so I hope you don’t mind having a bunch of other Linux geeks reading this…)

    (* not proven)

  11. 1. HSC is a testing IRL, cover skills tought IRL and applied to RL, therefor IT’S ****ING RL!!!
    2. Prove it
    3. Did I mention that neither do I, I’m just content with the fact that I WOOPED YO AZZ??
    4. That will never happen, cuz I wouldn’t seek employment in any company owned by a n00b like you 😛
    5. Yes, and CN Politics != CN Economy

    NB: No, I don’t mind everyone knowing how much I kicked ur n00b azz 😛

  12. ajdlinux says:

    1. HSC doesn’t teach key skills that can only be acquired outside of the classroom. You obviously haven’t acquired some of those skills, and therefore you fail at life 😛
    2. Heh. No point. You wouldn’t care.
    3. IOW, you care.
    4. When you’re desperate for a job 😀
    5. Communism would work brilliantly if it weren’t for politics. Politics is people and the authorities; therefore, if people disagree with the authorities, and the authorities are the ones maintaining the economy, what happens? in CN, people within an alliance generally submit to each others’ authority, as determined by their charter or constitution. If a person doesn’t, ‘force’ (i.e. forum admin powers) can be used. In RL, people don’t always submit to authority. You have corrupt authorities in RL, but much less so in CN.

    (Moderation: many subsequent posts removed, summary: ‘prove it’, ‘you do it’, ‘no, you’, ‘why?’, ‘because you want me to prove it’, etc. etc. ad infinitum.)

  13. IncredulousStranger says:

    LOL. This discussion reminds me of why I don’t have a blog.

  14. novaaesa says:

    What did u get in SDD Starcraftmazter? Was it less than 95? Cos that’s what I got 😛

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