Haneef’s appeal upheld

The ABC site tells me that in breaking news the Federal Court has upheld the decision to reinstate his visa. More news soon…

update: ABC News,
Sydney Morning Herald

2 Responses to Haneef’s appeal upheld

  1. Fred says:

    I realise their is a very strong reason why he would want this visa, but really why return with any of his countrymen to a country full of bigots and racists whiling to bend and break laws to feel more happy in their lot. I if him would take my skill and ability someplace where I was aprreciated.

  2. ajdlinux says:

    Well, I don’t think we’re ‘full’ of bigots and racists. Many Indian doctors are appreciated here – I know a few myself.

    Instead, it’s a government that uses ‘terrorism’ as an excuse, and then deports him without evidence.

    Of course, on the 24th of last month we made a choice for new leadership – it’ll be interesting how their migration policy turns out.

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