September 1, 2008

…is called squeeze.


SC English-literacy – OVER!

November 12, 2007

Yay! No more English! (Until Year 11, that is.)

I think I’m probably the only Year 10 student in the state who:

  • mentioned Linux
  • implicitly criticised Microsoft
  • mentioned the School Certificate itself
  • managed to answer a question with a story involving how had writers block and couldn’t answer the question

in one test.

Everyone I have talked to has said it was very easy, and being the SC you’d expect that.

Tux 500

April 18, 2007

I’m watching the current discussion on linux-aus about the Tux 500 project.

Firstly, it would look cool. But looking cool doesn’t mean that it’s effective, or worth the money.

But THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS… it’s a bit much. Raising $345000 in a month? Unlikely.

Also, it doesn’t really have any benefit to Australia. Something like what was suggested about supporting a local charity with money plus tech would get us coverage here.

Done at last

April 9, 2007

Etch s out! Time to party!

I’ve already set up lenny sources and set my /etc/apt/preferences up to pin stable highest.

And now it’s time for….

January 30, 2007

Yes, that day has come…

I’ve had a look at some of the LCA videos. Seems really good, I’ll have to try to go to Melbourne.

Happy new year!

January 1, 2007

Welcome to 2007… the year when Linux will finally take over the world 🙂

I really can’t believe it’s 20070101 already, I don’t think I really believe that it’s past Christmas…

It is finished.

December 16, 2006

For six weeks at least…

Unfortunately it looks like I can’t go to LCA 2007, will have to try in ’08.