HSC Results

December 19, 2007
Units Course Exam Mark Assessment Mark HSC Mark Band
2 Chemistry 79 79 79 4
2 Software Design and Development 89 85 87 5

Better than I expected really. Anyone else doing the HSC, or parts thereof, like me?


At last

December 13, 2007

Yesterday I finally got my School Certificate, which funnily enough is dated today rather than yesterday. I’m also Year 10 Dux, but when dux means three As, a B and two Cs, that tells you just how brilliant my school is.

SC English-literacy – OVER!

November 12, 2007

Yay! No more English! (Until Year 11, that is.)

I think I’m probably the only Year 10 student in the state who:

  • mentioned Linux
  • implicitly criticised Microsoft
  • mentioned the School Certificate itself
  • managed to answer a question with a story involving how had writers block and couldn’t answer the question

in one test.

Everyone I have talked to has said it was very easy, and being the SC you’d expect that.

SDD – over

November 1, 2007

Goodbye Software Design and Development!

Quite an easy exam actually, I think I may have gotten a band 5 or 6.

Flash sucks

October 23, 2007

For the first time in ages I’ve installed Flash. I don’t usually do this.

And I wouldn’t be installing had I not payed $20 for access to some resources which happened to be FlashPaper. Nor would I be installing it if Gnash were somewhat more mature and actually capable of rendering it.

I’ve thought about setting up an isolation VM to keep Adobe stuff away from my installation, but these resources are for exams which conveniently happen to be tomorrow.

As soon as I’ve used the PDF printer to convert them all, Flash is going.


April 5, 2007

I hate exams. Especially long exams. Especially long exams which you were previously told would be an hour shorter.

And especially long exams which you were told would be shorter that test you on stuff like IEEE 754 floating-point numbers. Yep, I’ve had to use that in real life… not.

PyWeek 4

March 29, 2007

I’m considering entering PyWeek 4. Unfortunately it’s scheduled during the same week as exams, so I might not actually finish it.

If anyone wants to do a team entry send me an email or leave a comment 🙂